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๐ŸŽ‰ Product Launch - Arguflow Vault

Posted on:August 9, 2023ย atย 10:00 AM
By: skeptrune @ arguflow

AI Search for OpenCaselist Wiki -

TLDR: Built a free AI semantic search engine available at that contains every card from the Opencaselist wiki. You can filter by source URL and OC metadata. Also has basic auto-cut for making cards.

See all the features at

How is it free?

The search engine will be free to the competitive debate community for as long as Arguflow is not bankrupt. It costs ~$200/mo to host.

The underlying codebase exhibits remarkable flexibility. Our intention is to offer this solution to businesses seeking to develop chat language models (LLMs) that reference sources reliably and also demonstrate minimal instances of hallucination.

That said, we hope that the search engine is useful for the debate community because usage will help us find bugs and prove that we scale.

Other similar projects

Beyond Vault, I want to give a shoutout to some other open source projects we know of that have built search tools for the wiki:

Honorable mention to They are closed source and I have not verified that their tool works, but think that they may be building a similar thing.

Open Source

Codebase is at and we take open source seriously. If you donโ€™t like something about how the search engine works or find a bug and want us to change/fix it then please make an issue on Github. We will likely make the change you want us to.

We will also support efforts to host a mirror or fork with things disabled.


Please, try out the tool and give us feedback about how it goes! We have a discord, telegram, and Matrix. Preferably, please ping on Matrix, hereโ€™s a guide on how.